urban stereotypes


This semester, I’ve tasked myself to exceed boundaries. Before each step I have written down the rules for the illustrations. Created where 4 different worlds of personalities. They live in metropoles in europe. The task was to create a magazine that works as a language learning book, concerning 4 double pages and 40 objects with their translation. My claim here was that each illustration could also be a poster. Logically, I then also made posters. It has become more than 4 double pages in the end of something, to be exact, there are 64 bound pages. The cover is printed on Chromolux fine paper and  the other pages are immortalized on coated pure white paper. But that isn’t enough, it takes me a few hours to glue some matt film decals as a kind of finishing on some sites, which makes the magazine a unique prototype.



03_UrbaneStereotypen_Inhalt_01 03_UrbaneStereotypen_Inhalt_02 03_UrbaneStereotypen_Inhalt_09 03_UrbaneStereotypen_Inhalt_03 03_UrbaneStereotypen_Inhalt_04 03_UrbaneStereotypen_Inhalt_05 03_UrbaneStereotypen_Inhalt_06 03_UrbaneStereotypen_Inhalt_07 03_UrbaneStereotypen_Inhalt_08  03_UrbaneStereotypen_Inhalt_10 03_UrbaneStereotypen_Inhalt 02_UrbaneStereotypen_Back

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